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Make The Solar Switch

Are you looking for ways to cut your energy bill? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Well, you’ve come to the right place! At Solar Power Whitsunday, we supply and install an extensive range of modern solar panels and inverters for residential, commercial and industrial clients in Bowen and the surrounding areas. Experience unrivalled customer service and enjoy the benefits of a state-of-the-art solar system!

Solar is fast becoming the energy source of choice for people throughout Bowen thanks to its ability to reduce electricity costs and carbon emissions. We strive to make the experience as stress free and enjoyable as possible—from the initial consultation to installations and maintenance. We’ve helped countless clients make the switch to solar in Bowen—from the Big Mango to Greys Bay.

House Roof With A Solar Panels - Solar Power Systems in Whitsundays QLD
Solar Panel on Red Roof - Solar Power Systems in Whitsundays QLD

A Greener Alternative

The solar energy market has grown dramatically over the past decade. More people in Bowen are beginning to see solar power as a smart and cost-effective way to generate electricity for their property. Solar panels absorb the sun’s rays and turn them into electricity that can then be stored in an inverter or charger—all you have to do is set it up and watch it work!

Installation is very quick with minimal fuss on the user’s end. The good news for people thinking about making their switch to solar, is that today’s systems are much more effective and efficient than they’ve ever been. To learn more about how a solar system can save you money, give us a call on 0410 693 466.

Take advantage of our professional, residential solar panel installations in Bowen today! We’ll supply and install systems of all shapes and sizes to suit your home and price range.

Slash your next energy bill thanks to our commercial solar panel services. Our experienced technicians will supply and install a wide range of systems to suit your unique commercial operation in Bowen.

We’ll help you reduce the amount of carbon emissions your industrial facility in Bowen produces with modern and high-quality solar panels. This will also significantly reduce costs on your next energy bill.

A modern solar panel inverter can increase the amount of electricity you can store and improve your system’s overall output. We stock a wide range of inverters for Bowen homes, businesses and industrial facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The number of solar panels you need on your house, business or factory will depend on the size of your property and how much energy you want to produce. Contacting a professional solar company is the best way to work out how many panels are required to maximise your savings and energy output.

If you don’t have a flat roof or a suitable spot on your property for solar panels to be installed, you can always explore other options, such as buying smaller portable solar power systems that charge batteries and supply power. These systems are also an effective way to reduce your energy bills and produce less carbon emissions.

Static solar panels remain in one position, while dynamic ones can be moved around to follow the sun as it moves. Dynamic solar panels are more efficient than static ones but they’re more expensive, which makes them better suited for people who want to produce large amounts of energy at their homes or businesses.

The government solar rebate is an incentive provided to individuals and businesses who install small-scale renewable energy systems, such as solar panels. The financial incentive varies depending on how many panels you install.